A British man was stabbed to death after he reportedly refused to give someone a cigarette.

The victim, who hasn’t yet been identified, was allegedly stabbed in East Dulwich, London, on Sunday morning, Mirror reports.

A witness said the man, believed to be in 30s, was stabbed with a 15cm-long knife  seconds after he came out of a 24-hour store, Metro reports.

He was treated on the scene by paramedics but was later pronounced dead.

Muhammad Khan, an assistant manager at the store, said his cousin was working at the shore when an argument erupted between two men.

“They had an argument about cigarettes. My cousin was here, he was manager,” Khan said.

“The guy who had the knife came in about five or six minutes after the man who got stabbed.

“The guy with the knife asked the other for free cigarettes, like as a favour or something. I don’t know whether he knew him.

“They had an argument and he took out a knife. Everyone was trying to stop him.

“A member of staff behind the counter and other customers tried to stop him too.”

The Metropolitan Police have reportedly made no arrest and said the investigation is still ongoing, BBC reports. 

Sources: Mirror, Metro,BBC

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