A thief caught in the act by a victim’s family member taking a photo of her just as he was stealing her handbag has been arrested after cops used the image to track him down.

The incident occurred in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, while the victim, Le Lam Bao Tran (40), was walking and taking photos with her family.

Local media reports that two people riding on a motorbike drove close to Tran before the passenger leaned over and snatched her handbag.

One of Tran’s family members was taking a photo of her at the exact moment the thief struck.

The startling image shows the criminal, who hasn’t been named, grabbing the bag as Tran has her mouth wide open.

Tran reported the crime to the local police and showed them the photo of the thief.

Police used the surprisingly clear photo to identify him and he’s now been arrested.

The bag reportedly contained R20 000 in cash but it’s unclear if the money has been recovered.


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