Jail sought for US woman who encouraged her boyfriend’s suicide

Prosecutors are asking a judge to order a Massachusetts woman to begin serving her 15-month jail sentence for encouraging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself. Michelle Carter will appear in court on Monday for a hearing to consider prosecutors’ request. Carter was convicted in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter for her role in

El Paso bristles at Trump’s claim that wall made city safe

People walking over the Paso del Norte Bridge linking this West Texas border city to Mexico can watch US President Donald Trump’s border wall getting bigger in real time. Workers in fluorescent smocks can be seen digging trenches, pouring concrete and erecting rust-coloured slabs of 5.5m-high metal to replace layers of barbed

3 000 evacuated from New Zealand fire can return home

About 3 000 people who fled as a wildfire threatened a New Zealand town were allowed to return home on Monday as firefighting conditions improved. Another 400 residents living in valleys near the fire aren’t yet able to return, although officials hope they will be able to soon. Firefighters say they’ve gained the upper

Dog wakes owner from medically induced coma

In 2017, an adorable rescue pooch in the UK was hailed a hero after his barking woke his owner from a coma. Speaking about it recently, civil engineer Andy Szasz from Southampton in England tells how he was rushed to intensive care after suffering from pneumonia following a battle with bowel cancer in 2016. Doctors …